Car steering gear, also known as steering rack and power steering parts, is the most crucial component in the steering system of an automobile. Its function is to increase the force transmitted from the steering wheel to the steering transmission mechanism and to change the transmission direction of the force. Then I will patiently introduce to my friends what the function of the steering gear is.

This article will show you what to do if your car’s steering gear leaks oil.

steering oil leakage2

The solutions and causes of steering oil leakage are as follows:

  1. The oil leakage of the steering gear of the car is the aging or damage of the oil seal in the cavity, which causes the sealing to be loose and the steering fluid to seep out.
  2. The oil leakage of the steering gear is nothing more than several locations: the upper cover of the steering gear, the side end cover and the connection of the steering shaft arm. These three parts have sealing rings, which can be solved by replacing the new oil seals and sealing rings.
  3. If oil leaks from other parts, it is likely to be trachoma or cracks in the steering gear housing. Small cracks and trachoma can be plugged with Loctite 290 High Permeability Sealant.
  4. If the gasket is changed and the sealant is still leaking oil, the steering gear assembly needs to be replaced.
  5. When driving, do not always hit the direction too hard, and try not to hit the wheel on the spot as much as possible. If this happens, the oil seal will be washed and pulled, causing damage to the steering gear and oil leakage.steering oil leakage