The car steering rack is a more important part of the safety of each car, whether it works properly, directly affects the safety of your property life, which car steering gear also needs to maintain? Today to talk with you all.

In order to prolong the service life of the steering gear, the following points should be noted in the use and daily maintenance of the car.

1. Drive on potholes and slow down to reduce the load on the steering gear.

2. Check the condition of the protective sleeve on both sides of the steering gear and the protective sleeve connecting the upper part of the steering gear with the universal cross shaft frequently. The damage to the protective sleeve is the main factor leading to the early wear and damage of the steering gear. If the sheath is damaged, water, dust, sand, and soil will enter the steering rack through the broken place and destroy the lubricating oil and grease film of the gear and rack, resulting in rust and corrosion, and abnormal wear inside the steering gear, and if the water and sand inside are not dealt with immediately, the steering gear will be scrapped in a short time. So at least once a month check the state of the dust sheath, if you find the dust sheath has broken phenomenon must be replaced immediately, and do a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the steering gear before replacement.

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3、Check the height of the power steering fluid level in the reservoir regularly.

In the hot state (about 66℃) its liquid level height must be between the HOT (hot) COLD mark. If the cold state (about 21℃), the liquid level height must be between ADD (plus) and CLOD (cold) mark. If the fluid level height does not meet the requirements, a steering fluid (hydraulic transmission fluid) must be added.

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4、The cleaning, oil change, and protection of the power steering system should be carried out in the car maintenance center with power steering oil change equipment, using special equipment, using the power steering system powerful cleaner to change out the old oil in the power steering system first, then cleaning the power steering system with the cleaner, and finally changing out the power steering cleaner again with the new friend oil until the end of the oil change. The cleaning, oil change, and protection of the power steering system should usually be carried out once in 5000km. This can ensure that the power steering system works more safely and reliably, avoid early damage, and prolong the service life.