The steering gear is an important part of the car driving system, which has a significant impact on driving safety and is valued by many car owners. However, with the increase in use time, the steering rack will also have a series of problems, such as abnormal noise, heavyweight, slow wear and return, etc., so we can only choose to replace the steering rack, and the resulting high maintenance costs are really annoying Headache. Today I will teach you how to maintain the steering gear by yourself.

maintain the steering gear

In the use and daily maintenance, we should pay attention to the following points, to extend the service life of the steering machine.

1. When driving on uneven roads, slow down and reduce the load on the steering machine.

steering gear

2. Often check the state of the dust jacket on both sides of the steering machine. A broken dust jacket is the most important factor leading to early wear and damage to the steering mechanism. Dust cover After damage, water, dust, and sand through the broken place into the steering machine inside, destroy the gear rack grease oil film, resulting in the steering machine internal rust, electronic steering machine internal circuit failure, strange noise, and other phenomena, if not immediately dispose of the internal water and sand, in a short period of time will cause the steering If the internal water and sand are not dealt with immediately, the steering machine will be scrapped in a short time. So at least once a month check the state of the dust cover, if found broken phenomenon must be replaced immediately, and before the replacement of the steering do a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the machine before replacement.

dust cover on both sides of the steering machine

3. In the four-wheel alignment to adjust the front beam, as well as the replacement of the steering machine inside and outside the ball head, pay special attention to the protective sleeve can not appear distorted deformation, the assembly can not be otherwise, it will cause accelerated damage to the dust cover.

steering rack

4. Because the use of grease will gradually become dirty, and deteriorate so that the lubrication capacity decreases; at the same time wear under the material will gradually increase, abrasive wear phenomenon will be heavier and heavier so that the steering machine wear intensified. Every 60,000 kilometers or so should be comprehensive maintenance of the steering machine maintenance, comprehensive cleaning, and refill grease, you need to find a professional repair store, although the trouble, at least your steering machine has not been bad, until the car is scrapped may not need to change the steering Steering machine.

maintain the steering gear1

5. In the use of the steering machine under harsh conditions, the load, must use special grease, ordinary grease can not meet the requirements of use.


6. The steering wheel clearance will gradually increase in use, if the steering wheel of the left and right air travel more than 15 degrees, the steering wheel must be checked, such as gears Rack abnormal wear serious, must replace the steering assembly; if there is no abnormal wear, only the gap is too large, can be adjusted. In the adjustment need to find Professional staff to carry out, after adjustment to ensure that the steering wheel can be left, right to the limit position, and the force is uniform, flexible rotation.

7. Do not randomly in the equipment is simple, low technical level of the roadside store for the maintenance and maintenance of the steering machine. Improper adjustment of the steering machine, such as will cause stuck Dead phenomenon, endangering driving and personal safety.

maintain the steering gear2