Maybe we don’t know each other in our daily life, but I still hope to make many drivers safer by sharing steering system knowledge based on my experience.

The steering system is crucial for every car, it includes the car’s steering rack, steering power pump as well as tie rods, and ball joints.

Once the steering system is out of order, the whole car will be in an undrivable state until it is fixed.

Many customers often ask us to buy individual car steering gears, mostly for repairing their cars. Many car owners think that if the steering system of their car is not working, they just need to replace a steering gear, which is wrong. We will share with you in this article how to detect a steering system failure and the simple steps to repair it.

1 What is the steering system?

The series of devices used to change or maintain the direction of the car’s movement or reversal is called the car steering system. The function of the steering system is to control the direction of the car according to the driver’s wishes. The steering system is crucial to the safety of the car, so the parts of the steering system are called security parts. The automotive steering system and braking system are two systems that must be paid attention to in automotive safety.

steering system

2 What are the common failures of the steering system?

1, there is a strange noise when steering, car steering noise is generally caused by the main pin and bushing damage, column thrust bearing damage, etc.

Solution: When encountering this situation, you can play the direction of the left and right, according to the sound issued by the part to disassemble the inspection;


2, steering oil leakage, steering oil leakage location in the steering upper cover and steering shaft arm coupling, side end cover these three places, usually, because the car is used for too long resulting in sealing problems.

Solution: As these three parts have seals, replacing the new oil seal and seal can be solved;

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3, the direction of return is more difficult, the general vehicle has a steering automatic return function, if the return, also likes the steering force, it means that the return function is faulty, usually, the parts of this failure are in the steering mechanical parts, steering knuckle main pin, and bushing oil shortage and burned, steering wheel and steering machine coupling of the steering shaft universal joint oil shortage, steering, straight tie rod joint oil shortage and rust will appear this situation.

Solution: Repair to the corresponding repair point.

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4, heavy steering, heavy steering problem, the cause may be due to steering machine failure, power pump failure, lack of oil, the system has air, two limit valve seal failure, so that the two cavities of the piston to cause power failure, the oil reservoir oil filter clogging, etc., then you need to be investigated.

Solution: Go to the corresponding repair shop to repair.

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5, booster pump oil leakage, booster pump oil leakage is the first case is the booster pump rear end cover leakage, the cause of this situation is the rear end cover seal broken, relatively easy to find. In addition, there is a less easy to find brother, is the oil in the steering oil tank is always decreasing, need to replenish, while the engine oil in the bottom of the oil is increasing or the surface of the engine does not seem to burn oil at all

Solution: In this case, you need to check the engine problem and go to the repair store for help.

Some simple cases can be fixed by your adjustments, but for most steering systems, I personally recommend going directly to a repair store and buying the relevant steering parts as recommended by the repair store.