As we all know, the steering rack is an important part of the car, once there is a problem, the vehicle will not be able to run. So, how to judge that there is a problem with the steering gear of your car, and how should it be replaced? How much does it cost? This article will give you the answer.

As a car steering gear factory, we often receive multiple inquiries, indicating that our private car steering rack is damaged and needs to buy a new one for replacement. But we are a wholesaler and have no retail business, so many times we cannot help these customers, so in this article, I will introduce in detail and help these customers solve their problems by themselves.

1 What are the symptoms of a broken steering rack?

Symptoms of a broken car steering gear are as follows:

1. Difficulty in returning the steering wheel: The steering wheel of the vehicle has the function of automatically returning to the steering wheel. For cars equipped with hydraulic power steering gear, the function of automatic returning is weakened due to the effect of hydraulic damping, but if the returning speed is too slow, Indicates that the return function is faulty;

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2. Steering shaking or deviation: When the car deviates significantly, after excluding the tire pressure problem, it is likely to be caused by the loosening or breaking of a mechanical part of the steering wheel;

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3. The steering wheel is heavy on one side and light on the other side: the owner feels that one side of the steering wheel is turning lightly, while the other half is turning heavy. This symptom is generally caused by the leakage of the seal responsible for sealing the high-pressure chamber on one side. Another possibility is Due to improper adjustment of the limit valve in this direction;

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4. Steering engine oil leakage: Steering engine oil leakage is a relatively obvious symptom. When abnormal steering is found, check whether there is oil leakage or oil leakage on the steering engine, which is related to the aging of the steering engine sealing ring or oil pipe.

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2 How to replace the car steering gear ourselves?

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First. Disassembly of the steering gear

  1. Carefully clean the steering gear and its related parts, especially the oil pipes.
  2. Drain the steering system

1) Support the front axle.

2) Open the oil tank cover, unscrew the oil drain bolt of the steering gear or loosen the oil outlet of the steering gear, run the engine at idle speed for a short time (no more than 10 seconds), and turn the steering wheel repeatedly to the extreme positions at both ends to release the oil pump and oil. Residual oil in the tank.

3) Add 2~3 liters of clean hydraulic oil to the oil tank to flush the pipeline, and turn the steering wheel to the extreme position at both ends, so that the attachments in the oil pipeline are cleaned, and the oil is discharged from the oil outlet ( The engine can idle for a short time, not more than 10 seconds).

4) Tighten the oil drain bolt of the steering gear or connect the oil outlet of the steering gear.

5) Remove the filter element in the oil tank, clean it, and put it back.

Note: When draining the oil, the residual oil in the steering gear, oil pump, oil tank, oil pipe, and booster cylinder should be released, and make sure that the entire hydraulic system is completely clean and free of any impurities.

  1. Make sure that the steering axle wheels are in a straight state.
  2. Disassemble the steering oil pipe and close the oil pipe joint to prevent dirt from entering.
  3. Loosen the lock nut.
  4. Remove the drop arm with a special tool.
  5. For an adjustable steering column, turn the steering column all the way up. Use a suitable rope to pass through the gap of the cross fork of the steering shaft and hang the steering shaft.
  6. Loosen the connecting bolts between the steering shaft and the steering gear to separate them.
  7. Remove the steering gear fixing bolts and remove the steering gear.
  8. The old steering gear should be cleaned, not bumped, well packaged, and put into storage.


Second. Installation of the steering rack

When the steering gear is installed, it must be confirmed that the steering straight rod of the original car and the left and right limit bolts of the steering wheel have not moved and are in the original state. If the above status changes, please contact the service department.

  1. In order to prevent debris from entering the steering oil circuit and causing failure, do not remove the blockage of the oil inlet and outlet of the steering gear before connecting the oil pipe, and carefully clean the oil pipe joints.
  2. Install the steering jib on the steering gear. No oil or foreign matter is allowed on the splines of the jib and the output shaft of the steering gear. The scale line on the jib must be aligned with the scale line on the output shaft of the steering gear.
  3. Keep the vertical arm fixed, and tighten the fixing nut with the specified torque.
  4. Tighten the anti-loosening nut according to the specified torque and punch riveting (anti-loosening pit)

3 How much does it cost to replace a steering rack?

If you need one steering rack for your own car repair, you should first make sure to know your car model and the part number of your steering rack.

There are many types of automobile steering gears, usually divided into mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic, and the price also increases accordingly. If a mechanical steering gear is purchased on Amazon, it can be purchased for only about 50-100 US dollars. Hydraulic parts need 150-300 US dollars, and the electronic steering rack needs more than 300 US dollars. Note that the above prices refer to the general price of new parts.

And if you want to turn to us to purchase them in bulk(more than 10 pieces), the price will be much better. If you are a distributor in your local market, dealing with the steering racks, then you can contact me for a quote. For example, the steering rack for BMW f10 is a hot sale these days and some of our clients even purchased 400 pieces already. Then the price of this item will be better than others and you can get them from us too.