We all know that find a reliable steering rack manufacturer on the internet is a very difficult thing to do unless you can verify all the supplier information so that you can make a selection. Otherwise, you can’t complete the purchase with 100% ease and confidence with just one website/webshop information. Of course, if you are dealing with a website of an influential, globally known brand/company, you can make purchases with more confidence, but you need a large enough purchase volume to get their attention, and that’s a different story! For the average purchaser, it’s a challenge to choose a reliable steering rack supplier on the web when purchasing in small quantities! You might just want 1-2 units to repair your own car. And already searched about what causes steering rack damage on internet. In this case, I recommend you go to your local repair shop to fix your car.

If you don’t want to fall into the trap and want to do your purchasing independently and safely, then check out this article! It will help you! As someone who has been in the steering industry for 5+ years, I conduct an annual survey of steering gear purchasers on the market to screen which steering rack manufacturer is the best for our company to conduct peer-to-peer research. Now, I’ve put together my findings from those years here, and I hope it helps you!

1 Quaife Steering Rack

  • Uses higher ratio
  • Capable of drastically reducing the amount of driver wheel input for a given maneuver
  • Increased control and minimized driver fatigue

Quaife Steering rack

Headquartered in the South East of England, with ISO 9001-2015 quality certification and a client list that includes the world’s largest automakers, Quaife is a recognized market leader in automotive transmission technology and is a world-recognized company that is an industry leader. Quaife’s steering gears are known for their high quality, and they produce products that are sold through 26 countries and 70 distributors They are sold through 26 countries and 70 distributors for many brands of cars and racing cars. Their steering enhances control, reduces driver fatigue, and reduces driver wheel input for a given maneuver.

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2 Lizarte Steering Rack

  • New parts for assembly and construction
  • Advanced and leading manufacturing technology
  • ISO, TS certified
  • Two-year warranty on products

Lizarte steering rack

When it comes to automotive parts manufacturers with a long history, Lizarte must be mentioned! They were founded in 1973 and offer a steering rack, power steering pumps, air conditioning, Citroën bulbs, diesel injection, and automotive mechatronics. This company is a very well-known supplier in the industry, having received ISO 9001 certification in 1999 and ISO TS 16949 certification in 2003. The manufacturing of steering gears, they are different from other manufacturers in that they use a remanufacturing method. Despite being remanufactured, their steering gears are still well received!

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3 Howe Steering Rack

  • Made of selected raw materials
  • Strictly comply with quality standards and product specifications
  • More accessories for racing cars, higher and more stringent requirements

Howe is an auto parts manufacturer with over 20 years of off-road racing experience, they make parts for off-road racing, rock climbing and short course racing. Founder Jeff Howe has been designing power steering systems for all types of racing from Baja to Dakar. He has worked with teams such as Ivan Stewart, Bob Gordon, Frank Arciero, John Marking, and Rob MacCachren. In addition to supplying race cars, they also sell parts for other brands of cars. The use of quality materials, strict quality control standards, and low prices have made Howe’s Woodward steering racks the most popular.

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4 Stiletto Steering Rack

  • 40+ years of racing service experience
  • Smooth “switch-meter” technical movement for ease of use
  • Made with proven technology and quality materials

pro-werks steering rack

Stu Spears, the founder of Stilletto, is a very sincere man who relied on his love of mechanical devices and his love of motorsports to drive the brand to fruition. Now Stilletto has become a popular steering brand for Pro-werks. The brand’s steering gears are offered for racing and heavy unit applications. They have been serving racing cars for over 40 years, combining proven design and quality materials through highly sophisticated technology, known for their smooth “switch table” technology and ease of use!

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5 Steeringly Steering Rack

  • 10+ manufacturing experience
  • Manufactured from superior materials to withstand the toughest conditions
  • Full range of models, OE compliant and durable
  • Independent steering lab, constantly updated manufacturing technology
  • Digging into the steering vertical and drilling into steering manufacturing
  • Low price for small-volume purchases

Steering Rack Manufacturer

Steeringly is a steering manufacturer with 10+ years of manufacturing experience located in Hangzhou, China. What sets him apart from other auto parts manufacturers is that they are a manufacturer that specializes in automotive steering gears. In order to be able to dig deeper in the steering industry, they set up a steering research lab in 2016 and hired 5 well-known auto parts expert engineers in the industry, dedicated to producing the highest quality steering gears with the most advanced technology. Now exporting to 30+ countries, their unparalleled quality and production/design flexibility has made them the choice of OEMs worldwide, with distributors in the UK, South Africa, and more. They can help you with your purchasing tasks, whether you are purchasing in large or small quantities.

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6 Maval Steering Rack

  • Suitable for steering use in off-road conditions
  • Improve your steering response under unique off-road conditions
  • Improved stability and control to withstand harsh environments
  • 100% rigorously tested

Founded in 1987 as a company with a mission to remanufacture imported power steering gears and pumps, Maval is a leader in the production of off-road steering systems. Today, Maval has grown into an established automotive specialist, where they export their steering gear to North America, Europe, Asia, and South America with multiple part numbers, and global OE product performance certifications, their high-quality steering gear is recognized by their customers.

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7  AMK Steering Rack

  • Meets OE steering system standards for high durability
  • Have a fast steering ratio and responsive
  • Simple design provides better rutting than OEM steering systems
  • Easy to operate and control

The AMK Group is a family-owned company with a long history and advanced technology. It is one of the technology leaders in the markets of electric drive technology, control technology, industrial automation engineering, and the automotive sector. Their innovative thinking is one of the key factors in their business success, and their steering gears rival the durability levels of OEM steering gears, with the fastest steering ratios and highest sensitivity, in a simple design that provides a better road feel than OEM, making it easy to operate and control during driving.

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8 Hirsche Steering Rack

  • Selected high-quality raw materials
  • 100% strict testing
  • Wide range of applications
  • Remanufacturing and assembly of brand new parts

Hirsche Steering Rack

Hirsche is the European leader in the production of automotive parts and steering components. With the most advanced production facilities in the UK, supplying original manufactured parts to independent garages at below OEM prices, Hirsche EPS steering racks are available for a wide range of applications and although they are remanufactured parts, the quality is as good as new.

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9 Bosch Steering Rack

  • Full range of steering accessories available, including hydraulic, electric, rack and pinion already active steering systems
  • OE-compliant and durable
  • Reduced power consumption and improved gas mileage

Bosch Steering Rack

Robert Bosch GmbH, or Bosch, whose slogan is “Invented for life,” was founded in Germany in 1886 as the “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering,” now operates in four business areas They currently operate in four business areas: Transportation, Consumer Goods, Industry and Energy & Building Technology. Bosch has won the praise of its customers for the high quality and full conformity to the original equipment in the manufacture of steering gears. They provide all the components of the steering gears, such as hydraulic, electric, rack and pinion, and main steering systems, which are well manufactured and durable.

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10 TRW Steering Rack

  • Better steering extension service
  • Prioritized safety and durability
  • Wide range of steering combinations for a wide range of applications

TRW Steering Rack

TRW is a leading global supplier of OE quality automotive products, their products include brake systems, suspension and steering components as well as other commercial vehicle components and service tools. They invest 6% of their annual sales in product development to improve their automotive parts. TRW’s steering gears perform well, function long-lastingly, and are fully designed with system safety in mind, and like other automotive parts produced by TRW, these steering racks are reconditioned and assembled with new components.

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